Affiliates Program

15% payouts. · No minimum balances. · Payouts in 35 days. · Free signup! · What's not to love?
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Enough With All These "minimums"

The same way our product is rocking the world of membership software, we're taking the world of affiliate programs and turning it upside down.

There's no fuss, no ridiculous minimums, and no rules that benefit us only. When you sign up for our free affiliate program, you're signing up for a mutually beneficial partnership!

How It Works

The process is so simple it's almost childish.

  1. Sign up for the program. It takes 2 minutes.
  2. Log into your newly created account
  3. Copy & paste your custom affiliate link into your website.

Now whenever someone purchases our product after clicking your affiliate link, you get 15% of the sale. It's that simple.

Simple Rules

There aren't many, but please respect these rules:

  1. Don't advertise our program on any offensive websites. That means any website that promotes racism, bigotry, hate speech, or any other illegal activity. Tasteful pornography sites are fine.
  2. Don't register for the affiliate program and then purchase our product yourself. We track these things and you won't get credit for referring yourself.
  3. If you choose to have your payouts sent by check, we will charge a flat-rate fee of $2 per check issued. This covers the cost of checks, shipping, etc.