Features Overview

"Membership Software that just works"

What is Member Guardian?

Let's say you have a web site that is currently available to the public. You've decided that you now want to make a section of that website, whether it be a Wordpress blog or a traditional website, into a "member's only" section. Member Guardian allows you to do this, and it gives you a feature-set that will make doing it a breeze.

Monetize Content

While you could offer a free "member's only" section of your website, the program comes with a full shopping cart which integrates with our registration forms, allowing you to sell access to content. Because of the way Member Guardian works, you can easily create "levels" of membership, or take it a step further, and sell access to various pieces of content individually.

But obviously not everyone is going to buy your products/services right away. So Member Guardian allows you to establish automated e-mail "follow up" campaigns for potential clients. You establish a set of criteria that will determine who receives the emails (whether it be paid members vs potential customers, people who live in Texas vs people who live in a specific ZIP code, or one of countless of possibilities). Member Guardian will help you set up the forms, as well as the custom fields you want on those forms, and will automate everything – you just need to set it up initially (and trust me when I say that we help you do that!)

Integrates Into Your Website, Not the Other Way Around

We designed Member Guardian to integrate into your website, not the other way around. This is accomplished through a long list of integrated modules, as well as a flexible template system. That means that if you want to use Wordpress? Use Wordpress. If you want to have users pay through PayPal, or Authorize.net? Do that. Your website's layout and design? They'll integrate with Member Guardian.

Everything is simple and usually involves one-click integration.