Free Demo


The following demo is a sandbox version of the program, allowing you to alter and change almost every aspect of the program. This means that some users may be up to no good. While we do our best to monitor the contents of the demo, we cannot always catch offensive or vulgar content immediately. We recommend that you contact us if you notice anything that shouldn't be there. Or better yet, if possible, remove the offensive content yourself!

And of course, while we can't stop you from doing it, we very kindly ask that you not use any language you wouldn't want your children to hear when creating, manipulating, and altering users and content.

Not An On-Site Demo

Member Guardian is 100%, completely unencrpyted. That means that once you have it, you have it. So basically we can't offer anything like a "7 day trial" where it's installed on your site. Instead we offer a functional demo hosted on our servers (below).

Disabled Features

Note that some features have been disabled to prevent abuse. These features include:

  • Mass e-mailing
  • Credit card transactions
  • Subscription renewals

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