The following is a licensing agreement between the purchasing party (end-user) and Member Guardian. By installing and using Member Guardian ("the software" / "the program") on your server, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Throughout these terms, "you" includes both the reader and any licensee.

If you have any questions about the following terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.


The Member Guardian license grants you the right to install a single instance of the software on one web server. Each additional installation of Member Guardian requires an additional license.

Test Servers
You may set up a single test installation on a test server as long as this installation is never accessed, viewed, or used by the general public.

Transfer Policy
Your license can be transferred to a different domain within 3 months of your purchase. You cannot transfer a license more than once. Licenses are granted to the purchasing end-user only and cannot be sold or transferred to other persons by the end-user. A fixed fee is charged for license transfers occurring after the 3 month period.

Fair Usage Policy
Member Guardian cannot be used in a manner that violates copyright provisions:

  • Producing unlicensed copies of the software
  • Modifying the software
  • De-compiling the software
  • Producing code derived from the software

Resale & Distribution of Software
It is strictly forbidden to resell or distribute the software in any shape or form.

Termination of License
In the event that you wish to terminate your license, you must completely destroy and uninstall both the Member Guardian physical files located on your server and the Member Guardian database. Our technicians can assist in any uninstallation.

Re-branding & Copyrights
Your license permits your to remove all Member Guardian and Member Guardian links and copyrights located on the program's template that will be visible by your users (members). In the event that you purchase administrative re-branding rights, you may also remove branding from the Member Guardian administrative control panel. Under no circumstances can the Member Guardian administrative control panel be re-branding without first purchasing re-branding rights. At all times the program's code remains copyrighted to Member Guardian, regardless of whether the copyrights are visible on the administration control panel or user-visible templates.

At all times, you agree to:

  • Ensure that all users of Member Guardian are aware of the licensing terms;
  • Protect the privacy of the Member Guardian code from all third-parties. This includes the period before, during, and after your license is active;
  • Not outsource work on the Member Guardian code without informing Member Guardian of the company's name and URL that will be working on the code.

Member Guardian provides the following support options:

Violation of the Licensing Agreement
If any of the above terms are violated, Member Guardian reverses the right to do any of the following:

  • In the event that the program is installed without a purchased license, Member Guardian reverses the right to charge the user for an additional license.
  • In the event that the licensing terms and breach, Member Guardian reserves the right to terminate a license.

PCI Compliance

On its own, Member Guardian does not make your website PCI Compliant. If you choose to store credit cards using the system, you will have to take measures to make your server PCI Compliant. While credit card information is encrypted in the database, we are not responsible for any harm that comes to sensitive information stored in the Member Guardian database.


Member Guardian is provided "as is". By installing and using Member Guardian, you assume the entire risk of using the program. Any liability of Member Guardian is limited exclusively to product replacement. Member Guardian is not liable for the content of any site on which Member Guardian is installed and running. Member Guardian is not liable for any damages including lost profits, lost data, and damages arising from the use of Member Guardian.

Member Guardian cannot guarantee that the purchase software is free of bugs. In the event that a bug is reported, Member Guardian attempts to resolve the issue within a reasonable timeframe.

Software Updates
Member Guardian periodically issues updates to all of its software. It is the end-user's responsibility to download and install these updates. Updates improve software performance and remove bugs.

Refund Policy
All purchases of Member Guardian are considered final. No refunds will be issued on any purchase of the software.

Last updated on 1 June 2013